Wot Cast - Day 3

The future is the past that's yet to come, it will be for those who wait.

Wotaloadov Bollox 575BC

Track Listing


Bysts – Runes

Civilized Tears – Stars

DiElle and Chelsey Coy – Stolen Land

Dry Cleaning – Scratchcard Lanyard

D’Ska Assassins – Rudy Better Run

Avalanche –  it must be rock and roll

False Heads – Twenty Nothing

Free Recovery – Swamp Song

Giant Rooks – Heat Up

Goat Girl – The Crack

Gustaf – Design

Kurt Vile – How Lucky

La Dharma – Devils

D'Ska Assassins

Track Listing


Mark Duffield – BING0!

Mongrel Dogs – Get Your Evil On

Mush – Blunt Instruments

Nathaniel Rateliff – And It’s Still Alright

Nurotica – Transportation To Nowhere

Paul Weller – Village

Rage DC – All Our Gang

Showgirls – Saturation Saturday

Spizzenrgi –  Valentine’s Day

St. Panther – Highway

Strange Bones & Calva Louise – Nine Lives

Stuey Moon – Try A Little Harder

Tauth – Mountains and Grooves

The Amber Bugs – Rat Vs Mole

The Glorias –  Lets Go

Tidal Maze – The Needle

Mark Duffield