WOT Cast

Take 2

The Sha La Las
Stuey Moon
Du Blonde
Broken Idols

The WOTcast Take 2

Featuring the best in new and unsigned music, the WotCast brings the world to your ears.


  • Rage DC –  Rage-A-Billy
  • REWS – Today We’re Warriors
  • Rob Foster – Local Pop Hero
  • The Glorias –  The 903
  • The Lounge Society – Generation Game
  • The Microdance – Beezlebubbles
  • The Spitfires – Life Worth Living
  • The Wild Blue – Perfect Cycle
  • The Wipes – Spining Wheel
  • The-Nefarious-Picaroons – Monkey – Boots
  • Two Weeks In Nashville – Take Control
  • U.S. Girls –  American Dollars
  • Wierd Milk – Is That Love


Today We Are Warriors


‘WARRIORS’ is an album for our times symbolising passion, pain, spiritual resilience and ‘rising from the ashes’ together.  Shauna Tohill’s songwriting goes from strength to strength delivering a powerful, dynamic and anthemic collection of songs that will connect globally with REWS loyal following and their fast-growing army of new fans. 

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