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Fontaines D.C. – Televised Mind


Chicano Batman – I Know It

Du Blonde – Hunter

Giant Rooks – Heat Up

Islander – Freedom (feat. AJ Channer)

Broken Idols – Joe Strummer

Stuey Moon – Teenage Has-Been

The Mojo Slide – Not In My Name

Milo Gore – Noise Gone Dancing

Mitchell Kersley  – If You Need Someone

The Sha La La’s –  Sorrow


If You Need Someone To Love You

Mitchell Kersley

Mitchell Kersley is an Alt-Country artist from the UK, who through his music, provides a modern take on traditional storytelling. He was born and raised in the British countryside and was exposed to variety of genres of music. However, as he got older, his musical taste began to gravitate predominantly to one genre in particular: Country. As soon as he was big enough to hold a guitar, he began learning and writing songs. In his teens, he dedicated his time to the study of music at both College and University. It was here after that he really honed in on his brand of Country sound. 


1913 Los Angeles-based, grunge/rock revivalists, BROKEN MACHINE, released their new single “1913” today, the second single from their forthcoming EP 'Fly Me To The Sun',With a past stained by indulgence, debauchery, and substance abuse, BROKEN MACHINE channel their inner demons into their brand of brooding Post Grunge.

Broken Machine


Milo Gore

UK based Indie-alternative musician Milo Gore has announced the release of his latest single, ‘Noise Gone Dancing’ via Red Van Records. Premiered via Far Out Magazine and accompanied by the lyric video, the single is lifted from his album, How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?

Milo Gore

Noise Gone Dancing

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