The Bronsons on The WOT Show

The Bronsons WOT Show

The Bronsons are from West London and came down to Surrey for a ride in the country and to do a session on the WOT Show. Originally formed many years ago the band have come back together and are producing some great music that is right up to date.

Bronsons on WOT Show

The Bronsons are no nostalgia trip and play some cracking tunes which drool with class.

Stefan "The Daddy" Ball, voice, harp

Tone "Mansalmon" Talman, guitar

Jorge "Sundance" Polvorinos, bass

Phil "Carlos" Dourado, drums

Zara "The Thwarter" Cannon and Giselle "Jezebel" Nicholson are The Bronsonettes.

What are The Bronsons?  (Nicked From Their Website)

Dead by 1985, reborn in 2013, The Bronsons are a London-​​ and Oxfordshire-based band playing loud, driven, fast and relentless pub-rock garage rock rhythm and blues.

"Fantastic music... gets inside your head and then tears the place up... you really owe it to yourself to check them out" - 4.52am Magazine

"Awesome... a live show you don't want to miss" - New Music Saturday

"Bringing back the mid-seventies sound of pub-rock rhythm and blues... people in pubs playing high-octane rock and roll"- Johnny Doom, Kerrang! Radio

Their influences range from 60's beat, rhythm and blues and garage rock bands, through to Dr Feelgood, Eddie & the Hot Rods, The Count Bishops, The Inmates and Lew Lewis.

"The kind of authentic driven garage and pub rock that was an influence on the first wave of English punk bands" - PUNKsite

"A great night out... has all the joy and abandon and rockaboogie wigging out you could wish for" - Bugbear

"Absolutely amazing live set - [The Bronsons] ripped it up on stage, did an amazing job" - John Summers on The NerveCast Show

Playing a 50/50 mix of original material and obscure covers, the band had a cult following in 1980s London, playing Le Beat Route, The Embassy Club and the legendary squatters' nightclub in Bonnington Square.

"Great fun... garage rock'n'roll... harks back to a golden time of music" - Sonic Bandwagon, Pure 107.8FM

"Pub rock in the style of Dr Feelgood, Nine Below Zero, the great old rhythm and blues bands" - Captain Stax Show

"Forcibly catchy rock ‘n’ roll... a mix of The Pirates, Dave Edmunds and The Vibrators" - RingMaster Review

After splitting in 1985 they reformed in 2013, recruiting a new bass player and new Bronsonettes. Since then a series of pub dates and festival appearances have cemented their reputation as a seriously good live act that knows how to put on a show.

"It's like someone took Eddie Cochran and Plastic Bertrand and put them in a blender... I bet it sounds awesome live" - Chris Straw, Producer, Bauer Radio, on The Bronsons' 2017 single Girl from Outer Space

"Cela colle parfaitement à l'idée que je me fais du rock anglais... J'avais déjà été séduite lors de leur concert au Dublin Castle à Londres en janvier 2015... Il est clair que je le suis toujours" - On My Red Lips

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