Bowiesque on The WOT Show

Bowiesque Lineup Tom Vox Dean Guitar Scary Monsters and Super Freaks Check out the blog charting my life with David Bowie Click Here The WOT Show Tribute To Bowie -…

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Wot An Embarrassment

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  It comes to something when the press spell something wrong in print, but when they spell it wrong on their placards screaming "look how stupid we are" it takes…

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Overheard in a Cafe

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I'd been sitting in this cafe earlier in the week when I heard a group of fellas on another table talking. You know what it's like, the more you try…

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Orange Bomb On Radio Woking

Orange Bomb came into the Radio Woking studio on 16.3.16 to play songs from their albums and talk about life as an Orange Bomber. They are a 4-piece D.I.Y punk pop…

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Plastic Barricades – Around The Sun

  Plastic Barricades are a young indie four piece from London, who consist of  Dan Kert - guitars, vocals, keyboards; Jonas Svendsen - lead guitar; Daniele Borgato - bass guitar;…

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Holy Faction

  Holy Faction are a three piece band from Uxbridge, west London, home of RAF Uxbridge, at least it would be if RAF Uxbridge was still there. This is how…

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Backwoods Creek

Backwoods Creek appeared on the WOT Show on 24th March 2016, played some songs and had a chat with Keith Woodhouse. They played their own blend of Americana which is…

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