Overheard in a Cafe

I'd been sitting in this cafe earlier in the week when I heard a group of fellas on another table talking. You know what it's like, the more you try not to hear, the louder their voices get, you sit there reading your paper then realise you're at the bottom of the page, haven't taken in a word, but are immersed in their conversation.

"This is a picture of one that I got last night." It's absolutely none of my business, but as they share his phone round I'm sitting there thinking, "let me have a look, go on mate let me have a quick look." There were oohs and ahhs, but they were the non-commital ones, they could have meant that she had some front sending a picture or why on earth is she contacting you?

It turns out that one of them has joined a dating site on the web. Apparently he had been sent an offer to have free membership for three days, but had to send his credit card details to be eligible for the three free days, even then alarm bells weren't ringing for the sap. After three days he gets an email telling him that the trial period was over and they'd taken the first months subscription from his card. He complained but they told him to read the offer conditions where he found that he had to cancel within the three days in order to pay no more.

As he's recounting this side of the story I'm biting my lip trying not to laugh. My god it was painful. So he carries on and tells his mates that he was so incenced that he immediately emailed them back and tendered his months notice of termination. They emailed him by return and said that was fine, they'll just take next months money and close it for him. He emails back explaining that he'd just given a months notice so how could they take next month's money. Simple, they explained, you are now on day four of your membership and we need a full months notice, so we'll take next month as the starting date. By this time my lip was bleeding.

It transpires that he'd given up trying to fight and was going to make the most of it and get value for his money. So he starts contacting women on the site who are quick to respond and  shower him with compliments and affection. To be fair, this fella has only joined the site to look at pictures of women and read their profiles to find out the type of things that women like to do, and now it's costing him a fair few quid to find out things that he could have found out by talking to his sisters. Now h'es got two months of chatting to people on the internet, who may or may not be who they say they are, but at least he'll get his money's worth.

My guest on the WOT Show this week was Rob Foster, who I chatted with and he played some songs live. Some of the show can be seen which was broadcast on Facebook Live, there's also music from some other bands in the clip, and plenty of talk. Watch The Video Here


Rob Foster was in session this day

The weather wasn't too bad, just in case you were wondering, some people are interested in things like this. especially if it was snowing, why do people always talk about loving the snow then just moan about it when it arrives. Anyway, it wasn't snowing.


Rob Foster

Rob Foster on Radio Woking