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Levi on the WOT Show

Levi are a band from Chichester in the south of England, not known for it’s rock music, chamber music is something that I would expect would go down well there though.

But they have stood up to be counted and have come up with a form of music that they call skindie, that’s skinhead and indie, skindie, get it. This was nicked from their website, hopefully they won’t sue. The band are:

Conan - LeviConan Elliott (Bass guitar) Born in Haslemere, Surrey Started playing the bass guitar at 12 years old after being forced by my brother who needed a bassist for his punk rock band. That became my passion and throughout my teenage years I played in numerous bands. Then along came LEVI in October 2015. I was asked to hop into action with the lads and would never look back. Personality – Some say I’m spontaneous and unpredictable. Bassists are always the weird ones of the band Inspirations – Mark King to BB King Instruments : Warwick thumb 5 string bass limited edition Ashdown Evolution ABM 900 + 8×10″ + 4×10″ + 1×15″ cabinets

Leeroy Brooks (Guitar / Lead vocal) Born in Aldershot Hampshire Currently living on the south coast.I am from a working class family Leroy - Leviand have one sister.My mum and dad brought me up listening to soul music and Jamaican ska rocksteady and reggae, my dad being a skinhead in the late 60’s. My step grandad was Jamaican and a huge contributor to my love of Jamaica and its music. In my teenage years I got into grunge, punk and rock music and all these influences contribute to the LEVI sound. I studied performing arts and music technology at Chichester College and have played guitar since 15 years old. My passion is song writing and I enjoy finding interesting topics to write about. I met Rob at college and Mike through friends. Conan joined late 2015, through knowing Rob, and the band has never been stronger. A few of my favourite artist are : Sam and Dave ; William Bell ; Simply Red ; Bob Marley ; Alton Ellis ; Melodians ;Ken Booth ; Lee Scratch Perry ; Derrick Morgan ; Stephen Marley ; Aggrolites ;The Techniques ; Incubus ; Bush ; The Specials ; Madness ; Bad Manners ; Sex Pistols ; The Clash ; PiL ; Hanni el Khatib ; Damian Marley Instruments: Fender Mexican Stratocaster, Fender Mexican Telecaster, Fender Tex/Mex Cyclone guitars Amplifier: Marshall DSL 100 + Marshall 1936 Stealth Limited Edition 2 x12″ cabinet

Mikey - LeviMikey Brewer (Guitar/vocals) Born in Epsom, Surrey Started playing the guitar when I was 13, self-taught until the age of 16 when I moved to Brighton, attending the British Institute of Modern Music. Living in Brighton exposed me to so many styles of amazing music which still influence my playing and writing today. Such musical diversity is something I embrace and I love hearing new music. Influences : Steve Cropper, B.B. King, Zakk Wylde Instruments: Fender Mustang ; Fender Stratocaster guitars Pedals: MXR Carbon Copy, MXR Boost, Voodoo Labs Tremelo, Dunlop ZW45 Wah, Boss OD1, Boss TU2, Behringer Reverb, EH Octivave multiplexer Amplifier: Marshall DSL 100 head + Marshall 1936 Stealth Limited Edition 2 x12″ cabinet

Bob Pegg – (drums, percussion, backing vocal) Born in Chichester, West Sussex Bob starting playing drums at 10 years of age and by Bob - Levi14 was playing in bands across the south of England to audiences of all sizes from pubs to festivals. Bob provides a solid backbone allowing the guys with the strings to really do their thing. Influences: Keith Moon (The Who), Rodney Holmes (various), Frank Benbini (Fun Lovin Criminals) Equipment: Gretsch Maple Custom Gold Sparkle kit, Pearl Export kit, Black Panther and Diamond snare drums, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth American Hickory 5A sticks