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Conquer Rio – Be My Lady

The new single from Conquer Rio is Be My Lady

Featured on the self titled ep – available now.

As much as imagination goes a long way in finding a unique sound, so does rich friendships within a band, that organic ease between members allowing a freedom of adventure that breeds ideas and invention.

Their’s is a potent mix of both within the songwriting and music of English pop rock quintet Conquer Rio; imagination fuelled creativity aligning with the tight fit of hungry tenacity and passion which can only come from musicians connected firstly by friendship.

Hailing from Warrington, Cheshire, the ‘seeds’ of Conquer Rio can be traced back to a pair of children meeting in nursery for the first time. A big leap of years later and Tom Jordan and Lewis Melia were again side by side as Conquer Rio emerged in 2011 to start a journey which has already reaped thick rewards for band and fans.

Drawing on inspirations ranging from Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic to The Killers, Foo Fighters, and The Beatles, but a perpetually gripping and fascinating proposal brewing and exploring its own character and identity, the Conquer Rio sound continues to grow and evolve, as proven by the band’s Gavin Monaghan produced, recently released self-titled EP.

With a line-up of Jake Bate, Dan Cobley, and Ben Roberts alongside Tom Jordan and Lewis Melia, Conquer Rio across four contagious tracks weave expressive melodies and invitingly emotive vocals into the thick lure of dramatic hooks and punchy rhythms; all aligning beneath the provocative air of a virulently catchy atmosphere.
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