Don’t Laugh Babe

Don't Laugh Babe During this period Bowie, as were other acts, putting out a couple of albums a year, but to me it seemed as if you had to wait…

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He Was The Nazz

He Was The Nazz In 1972 the Ziggy tour had kicked off and started trundling around the world, when I say around the world I mean that it took in…

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Bowiesque on The WOT Show

Bowiesque Lineup Tom Vox Dean Guitar Scary Monsters and Super Freaks Check out the blog charting my life with David Bowie Click Here The WOT Show Tribute To Bowie -…

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He Sang All Night Long

He Sang All Night Long Around the end of 1972 and the beginning of ’73 I was waiting on every release that Bowie made, and after Starman there were two…

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My Schooldays Insane

My Schooldays Insane It’s strange to think that Ziggy Stardust, as a character only lived for a few years, if you take the birth as the start of the Ziggy…

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The Kult 45s on the WOT Show

The Kult 45s Lineup Dale Bass Steve Drums Dieselle Guitars The Kult 45s - Full Show Join us on Social Media Facebook-f Twitter Youtube

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