Magic Eight Ball started life as a Berkshire-based powerpop-come-rock n’ roll trio, but have over time merged into being from wherever their current situation has found them.

Many line-up changes throughout the years have always revolved around the one continual member, chief songwriter, Baz Francis (vocals/guitars/keys). Robbie J. Holland (bass) is however now withinMagic Eight Ball his second tenure with the band though, and Olli Clark (drums) completes the three-piece line-up. Despite gigging with his former band Mansion Harlots as far back as 1998, Francis became a regular performer on the live acoustic circuit until forming the first incarnation of Magic Eight Ball in 2004 and progressing to playing live with them as a whole band in 2006.

Magic Eight Ball’s music and performances have gained them some loving praise from critics and respected influences of the band alike, both with their energetic performances and their records of pop-infused rock that straddle happily between the lines of noisy and downright melodically lush.

logo album With influences sweeping across the board from Queen through to Marvin Gaye and Metallica across to Hall & Oates, every new year presents itself as an opportunity for the band to try things and travel to places anew, and broaden their sound and audience in the process of doing so.

With no intention of stopping writing, recording or playing live any time soon, Magic Eight Ball shows no signs of tiring in their manifesto of bringing their own brand of rock n’roll to wherever there is an ear or two available to hear it.