His music can be heard in two ways depending on where you catch him. If he is playing solo you will see him play with his beautiful old trademark resonator guitars, boot board and Billy Irvinedidgeridoos along with his vocals. If you see him with his band it will be a three or four piece electric & acoustic combined set up.

Billy uses his voice along with a collection of instruments and rhythmic tools to create a raw bluesy yet imaginative sound and style. He supports his live set with his latest studio album ‘Nomad’, a musical journey that shows a real cross section of his solo and fuller band sounds, He releases ‘Nomad’ to follow up the ‘Wear a Number’ ep and his debut album, ‘Bare Bones’, a fourteen track recording captured live in the studio to recreate his liveBilly Irvine & Guitar solo performance as much as possible.

Nomad was first released in May 2011, and was long awaited post his debut album, although he did release a slick, but raw ep of five songs from the first album as band tracks in 2008 to popular demand.

Billy’s house recorded debut album Bare Bones, is not a slick, lush production as he explains, “I Billy Irvine Sittingalways wanted to do a raw old fashioned recording with everything done in one live take, just like the way the old 1930s guys did, but of course with a bit of modern luxury!” The whole album was completed in approximately two weeks, on the basis of a song a day.

His stripped-down brand of blues draws inspiration from the sounds of: Jimi Hendrix and Bukka White, Muddy Waters, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, Son House, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Chris Whitley, Ash Dargan, David Hudson, Reef, The Black Crowes and many more.

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